Travel log #1: she's free

Some August night we had! Forget about Berlin. Who would’ve thought that cozy Freiburg is the real deal? Clearly, the most amazing thing about this city’s vibe is how women make the streets their own.

She will stop you and your group of lads at night to ask how to get to a party, without thinking twice about being alone and whether or not to address a group of men. Then she’ll sprawl out on the ground with her friend in the tidy pedestrian zone of the city center, cooling her feet in the picturesque canals that are everywhere. She’ll tell the muscular bouncer of the club that she fancies him, and he’ll be a little shy. And she’ll freely laugh with people she just got to know, confident, curious and completely at ease. There’s no need to be on her guard. She’ll take you by surprise, leading you to the dance floor without any warning. She’s free.

Americans, this sanctuary city doesn’t grant any space to deplorables! If the likes of Trump and Cruz exist here at all, which I wasn’t sure of anymore last night, they must be hiding out in their cellars, terrified of women’s rule and “political correctness”. The mayor’s a green party member, everyone’s a student in education, the arts and humanities and everything’s being paid for by the federal government :) At least in terms of the vibe it felt like it were true in the city of the free..