it's official: success is a meaningless category

What happened last November was in one sense a tragedy and in another a "tremendous" opportunity, to use one of the adjectives that the dear leader of the free world knows as well. Does anybody still believe that we live in a meritocracy that rewards "the best"?

George W Bush in his brilliance put it like only he could: "Out of this evil can come great good". The cult of personality makes it impossible to ignore who's at the top and the cartoonish nature of grossness and vulgarity at the White House has finally done the trick to expose how ignorant and small-minded some of those super-rich actually are. The mask is off. And once it's off, we're inclined to look further. Who's making 30 grand a day by reading out laughable "news" stories on corporate TV, and who are the top earners in finance and business? Have you actually heard CEOs like Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein talk? The world's top two bankers. Ready to go on the record and call them "brilliant"? It's obvious now we were lulled to sleep by rather dim-witted "elites" like all those mentioned and many more. With climate change, it took decades of denial until we could admit that something needed to be done urgently. How long will it take here?