"German cabaret” brought to you from LA

There are many good independent political commentators on YouTube today, but few of them have a real cause. Not so with Jimmy Dore, a US comedian in the mold of a German lefty cabaret artist. He's honest, gritty and determined to expose the truth in the service of ordinary folks who bear the brunt of a rigged system, both in the US and abroad.

Few people speak up so fearlessly against the cowardice and hypocrisy in both the news and entertainment media where personal attacks on Trump are the perfect cover up for their quiet aquiescence to most of the GOP's extreme right-wing agenda. What does "resistance" even mean if you cheer Trump bombing people in Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan? What does it mean if most Democrats vote to give Trump an even bigger military budget increase than the crazy one he asked for? Jimmy Dore's video on “victory” in Mossul and ISIS brutally brings home what war really is and goes after the twisted values of the MSNBCs of this world who unashamedly call US missiles, designed to kill, "beautiful": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDiKDfX5PWs. His fearless criticism of "a system of criminal cops" powerfully challenges the close to fascist "heroes in uniform" narrative that pervades a discourse which is "colorblind" on the surface and deeply racist in its implications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DooW3EnX_e4

When Jimmy’s cracking cynical jokes about the west bombing black and brown people around the world or working people being misled to thwart their own interests, it’s because he’s mad about it, because he’s not ready to take it any more, it’s because he gives a damn. We all need to give a damn, so let's each do our small part and speak up as best we can.