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Consumer culture has finally achieved what many rock stars of old would have loved to do in their day: It has killed the critic. My conclusion is to revive him by including criticial thinking in my presentation right here. I believe you have to take a stand in your art and you have to take a stand in life, so I want to make these pages different - that is personal - by injecting some positivity/negativity on all that gets me thinking..

travel log #1: she's free

Some August night we had! Forget about Berlin. Who would’ve thought that cozy Freiburg is the real deal? Clearly, the most amazing thing about this city’s vibe is how women make the streets their own.

She will stop you and your group of lads at night to ask how to get to a party, without thinking twice about being alone and whether or not to address a group of men. Then she’ll sprawl out on the ground with her friend in the tidy pedestrian zone of the city center, cooling her feet in the picturesque canals that are everywhere. She’ll tell the muscular bouncer of the club that she fancies him, and he’ll be a little shy. And she’ll freely laugh with people she just got to know, confident, curious and completely at ease. There’s no need to be on her guard. She’ll take you by surprise, leading you to the dance floor without any warning. She’s free.

Americans, this sanctuary city doesn’t grant any space to deplorables! If the likes of Trump and Cruz exist here at all, which I wasn’t sure of anymore last night, they must be hiding out in their cellars, terrified of women’s rule and “political correctness”. The mayor’s a green party member, everyone’s a student in education, the arts and humanities and everything’s being paid for by the federal government :) At least in terms of the vibe it felt like it were true in the city of the free..

it's official: success is a meaningless category

What happened last November was in one sense a tragedy and in another a "tremendous" opportunity, to use one of the adjectives that the dear leader of the free world knows as well. Does anybody still believe that we live in a meritocracy that rewards "the best"?

George W Bush in his brilliance put it like only he could: "Out of this evil can come great good". The cult of personality makes it impossible to ignore who's at the top and the cartoonish nature of grossness and vulgarity at the White House has finally done the trick to expose how ignorant and small-minded some of those super-rich actually are. The mask is off. And once it's off, we're inclined to look further. Who's making 30 grand a day by reading out laughable "news" stories on corporate TV, and who are the top earners in finance and business? Have you actually heard CEOs like Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein talk? The world's top two bankers. Ready to go on the record and call them "brilliant"? It's obvious now we were lulled to sleep by rather dim-witted "elites" like all those mentioned and many more. With climate change, it took decades of denial until we could admit that something needed to be done urgently. How long will it take here?

“German cabaret” brought to you from LA

There are many good independent political commentators on YouTube today, but few of them have a real cause. Not so with Jimmy Dore, a US comedian in the mold of a German lefty cabaret artist. He's honest, gritty and determined to expose the truth in the service of ordinary folks who bear the brunt of a rigged system, both in the US and abroad.

Few people speak up so fearlessly against the cowardice and hypocrisy in both the news and entertainment media where personal attacks on Trump are the perfect cover up for their quiet aquiescence to most of the GOP's extreme right-wing agenda. What does "resistance" even mean if you cheer Trump bombing people in Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan? What does it mean if most Democrats vote to give Trump an even bigger military budget increase than the crazy one he asked for? Jimmy Dore's video on “victory” in Mossul and ISIS brutally brings home what war really is and goes after the twisted values of the MSNBCs of this world who unashamedly call US missiles, designed to kill, "beautiful": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDiKDfX5PWs. His fearless criticism of "a system of criminal cops" powerfully challenges the close to fascist "heroes in uniform" narrative that pervades a discourse which is "colorblind" on the surface and deeply racist in its implications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DooW3EnX_e4

When Jimmy’s cracking cynical jokes about the west bombing black and brown people around the world or working people being misled to thwart their own interests, it’s because he’s mad about it, because he’s not ready to take it any more, it’s because he gives a damn. We all need to give a damn, so let's each do our small part and speak up as best we can.



new songs Coming soon, empty boasts right now :-)

I hate violence, but I used to idolize boxers. I loved them for their skill and their bravado.

Was Miles Davis right when he said great artists were like great fighters? What Miles was referring to was that the most gifted artists can access layers that are beyond the reach of more limited pros. Artists don’t share the grueling experience of fights, but most of us share the trait of a sense of mission, the need to prove a point to the world, which gets your mental state close to a fighter's in a certain light. Less important, but often necessary is combining this with self-aggrandizement and boasting. So let me have at it!

What I’m about is the most intense and real songs. They're unlike anything else you know. Come back to this page and I’ll knock you out right away with the first teaser of my coming trilogy. Stay tuned, it will blow your mind, send you straight into the ropes. ‘Nuff said!



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Daniel Berlinger has taken his Berlin based rock band BerlingAir on the road in Germany, Poland, Austria and Switzerland. As a solo artist, Berlinger has traveled even further, with performances in such places as Paris, Los Angeles, Athens and London.

With a repertoire of over 50 original songs, he has been able to capture the imagination of a most diverse audience in hundreds of venues ranging from open air festival and rock venue to dance hall, electronic music rave, jazz lounge, blues bar and conference center.

Over recent years, BerlingAir have been able to occupy an odd niche in the corporate entertainment scene: Firing up venues for their clients that often suggest a rather formal setting, as guests might cherish elegance and style, but still prefer originality and passion over bland and generic entertainment. This way, something that clearly originated in the need to get paid live exposure as a young band has quickly turned into a unique brand of live event - a night with BerlingAir!

Whether a show is scheduled as a 30 minute showcase or should encompass a whole evening. Whether the setting suggests a moore intimate or epic solo performance. Whether the occasion calls for a more stripped-down or full-blown band sound, BerlingAir is out to make your evening unique - a night to remember.

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